The Real-life story of Manager – Zamin Fareed

The Real-life story of Manager – Zamin Fareed

The Real-life story of Manager – Zamin Fareed

Zamin Fareed manager in our Lahore office.

“Dream big before doing big.” – Zamin Fareed

Zamin Fareed Currently working as operations manager at Pagie Portal in Lahore office. I belonged to an army background. I have done my graduation from the University of Central Punjab.

Zamin Fareed joined this company in 2018 as a game developer. I am a founder member of this company. My journey from employee to manager was never too easy. I faced a lot of challenges and solved everything in my way.

Attitude wise I am a leader, not a boss. I am very friendly and kind to my employees. When my employee is stuck, they know I have the solution. I am a good leader because I know what the person in front of me is up to. I can sense what my employee is expecting from me or what some other gonna take its first step.

Most of the time when I am in international meetings. First, I study what topic we are going to talk about. I get knowledge about it. Most of the time I know what I need to talk about. First, I listen to everyone then in the end I talk and conclude everything. because when I talk, I cover both aspects pros and cons both. Believe me, I am best at convincing people.

I keep the office environment friendly. Try to always learn new things, I focus on employee character building. I teach them how to think big and achieve that aim. I also sometimes play cricket with them. I motivate them to think out of the box and bring creative ideas to the table.


I want everyone to learn about

1)  Think one step ahead of others.

2) Help others no matter what difficulties you are facing.

3) If it’s not meant for you let it go.

4) Always think you are the best. But also prove it with your actions.


My vision is of success is that if you are learning every do new things, you are earning money, you are one step ahead of everyone. You are always helping people. Your parents are happy with you. when people meet you they remember you in a good way then you are successful.

My vision is that for now, I want to make the Pagie Portal the world’s best gaming software house. When someone talks about developing games my name needs to come to their mind.






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