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Sport Clubs

From our own experience in managing Karate Club Stive & Struggle, we enter into a partnership with various Sports Associations. We know better than anyone how to make leagues, events and tournaments a success. A lot of people come together at these kinds of events, creating commercial opportunities. We will use these opportunities together with your association. The ultimate goal is: more participants, more audience, more turnover and more profit. Below you will find more information about how we can achieve this in collaboration with you.

What is the goal?

Everyone knows that exercising is healthy. We see it as our social task to get more people to exercise. We think that we can influence this through advertising campaigns on social media, among others. The main goal of the collaboration is to increase the attraction value of competitions, tournaments and events. This will increase the number of participants and the audience. With the arrival of more participants and audience, you increase sales. When more participants and audience are present, this brings even more benefits and opportunities. You are more attractive to sponsors and it becomes interesting to sell relevant merchandise. Canteen sales, sponsorship income and merchandise sales contribute to the profit increase.

How are we going to achieve that?

By means of promotion on our social media channels. We have a large and rapidly growing reach within the social media channels. This allows us to reach a large part of our target group. We regularly do nice part and win promotions. We not only promote through social media, but also through flyers, magazines and advertisements in magazines. We ensure that your Sports Club, tournaments and events are easy to find in Google through efficient use of SEO and SEA. We arrange club-related merchandise for extra income. Discount codes are made available for club members. Many sports clubs have an outdated website. Our team will replace this website with a website that is up to date.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to actively participate in the promotion.
A newsletter about working together to all members.
A post on social media and thinking about new promotions.
We enter into a dialogue with the responsible person within the club about the club website and social media.
Experience often shows that people here are interesting.

What can you expect from us?

Pagie Portal shares 50% of the profit with Sports Clubs. This amount is therefore made available to support clubs with events, tournaments and competitions. We will also be present at the event with a booth, where we will raffle a tablet among all people who are present at the event. A condition is that said to participate in the promotion.
For 100 registrations we can build a new up-to-date website when needed. FREE
Let us know when you want this and the conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 Extra income

   -Website codes of partners
   -Merchandise products

1.2 Event support

   -Pagie Portal will come up with a stand and win promotion
   -One Vs Two can come up with a booth and receive a 40% of the sale

1.3 Competition support

   -Pagie Portal will come up with a stand and win promotion
   -One Vs Two can come up with a booth and receive a 40% of the sale

1.4 Members recruit support

1.5 Promotion

1.6 Social media

2.1 clearly indicate what you need help for

   – Tasks
   – Amount
   – material
   – what for
   – once or repeat

2.2 additional information

– which part can continue without support
– which part depends on aid

2.3 the club promotes

– Social media promotion
– news letter to members
– come up with fun promotions

3.1 help that is already fixed

     – minimum 100 events / tournaments tablet win promotion available
     – update or renew at least 100 websites / webshops
     – Flyer design
     – Brochure design
     – Promotion on social media channels

3.2 Customization

     – customization

3.3 Social media

     -Pub videos YouTube Facebook of the event

3.4 50% of the operating profit is invested in clubs

   – Game income
   – Merchandise products

3.5 Game partner income

   -80% is used to support clubs
   -20% is used for promotion to generate more income