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Space1 is a 2D hyper-casual genre game.  The game consists of 42 different exacting levels and each level varies in difficulty and a lot of challenges to dare you.  It is a game full of excitement and addictive gameplay. It consists of 6 different themes earth, asteroid, moon, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. Each theme has 7 levels. 

The player’s goal is to take off the rocket as high as possible into orbit. You need to simply tap to change each stage of the rocket. Touch controls lead you to release each stage. 

Space 1


Free to Play
2D Game
Easy to play
Consists of 42 different levels
6 different themes
Hyper casual game
Simple and addictive gameplay
Easy built-in controls
Amazing Space Adventure
Don’t need Wi-Fi to play it
Each level consists of variations
Gameplay is smooth
Great time-killing game
No in-app purchases

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Space1 is addictive, it will captivate you. The game will become an interesting certain activity that you will be enjoying and the best time beating game. It is easy to play and you explore it with an amazing solar system. You get to conquer 6 planets and the opportunity to rule the galaxy.