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About The Racing Djani

Racing djani is 2D platformer racing game.

Djani is a nephew of mine. He is fond of racing.

He always drives fast. He never loses.

So do Djani in Racing Djani.

But djani is locked nobody could easily get it.

You need to earn Racing Djani.

Racing Djani is very fast you need to be super-fast to defeat Racing Djani.

Level Design

Level design  is the phase of  game  development that deals with creating the stages of the  game . Unlike environment  design , which focuses on background and scenery composition,  level design  incorporates player capabilities,  game  mechanics, obstacles, and discoverable elements that create a positive user experience.

Good level  design is fun to navigate

From an aesthetic aspect, a  game’s levels  should all work together to create a consistent visual language, through the use of color and form, that the player can learn, to progress intuitively through the  level