ice and fire

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About The Ice and Fire

Ice and fire is presented by Pagie Portal. Ice and Fire is a striking and everlasting tap and run game. There is a classic combination of ice and fire. The more you tap the more you run. Get ready to play this epic game. There are a series of hurdles which you need to survive by tapping smartly. The most captivating strategy to make your leisure time more productive and your brain will work more active and dapper.

Ice and Fire classic Features

Pagie Portal is always trying to make user-friendly games where everyone can enjoy. In Ice and Fire it has beautiful graphics with alluring sound effects. The game consists of 100 amazing challenging levels which you go through while tapping on the screen of your mobile. The ball moves as you tap so it will be more challenging to keep tapping with difficult obstacles. At each stage, the combination of ice and fire attracts you more and more. This classic game will definitely allure you and make you stick to the game. 

Ice and Fire have wonderful graphics which will quench the thirst of gamers. Its mysterious stages will captivate the users. You don’t know what next hurdle is waiting for you and this is the best part of the game gamers keep playing to tackle each stage to make them challenging.