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Do you want to participate as a company for free?

“That’s certainly possible!”

We not only work with sports clubs, but also with companies.

Want to participate when you have a webshop?

Through our promotional efforts you will generate more sales. By means of a discount code you know that the sale comes through us. A discount code of, for example, 1% is sufficient. This can also be free shipping. In advance we agree on a percentage of what goes to the Sport Partner program to support the clubs. So this is a percentage of the additional revenue generated by our promotion.

How are we going to check you?

We are not going to check you. We assume that we can work together in good faith and that you are honest about the extra turnover.

How are we going to promote you?

Your company is listed on our website under the heading Game Partners. We will share the discount code for your webshop with thousands of followers on social media. With sales through us you sponsor the Sport Partner Program. The discount code will always be “Pagie Portal”. Every month we keep our sports clubs up-to-date on all companies that participate. The clubs will communicate this to all members so that a win-win situation arises.

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to mention the cooperation with the Sport Partner Program on your website, share via social media channels and possibly in the newsletter. We also expect you to promote our games once. From 2020 and 2021, 50% of the winnings from our games will be distributed to the Sport Partner Program.


If you are satisfied or want to sponsor immediately, that is also possible.

We already offer you a Sports Partner Program logo from a donation of € 25. You are free to donate any other amount.

Of course, it is not mandatory to participate in our proposal, it is intended to help companies to support sales and clubs at events and tournaments.

We will be present at the sports clubs with stands at events and tournaments.

We also offer to be present with banners or other advertising material.

See our webshop for the costs.

All proceeds (excluding one-time investment costs) will go to the event or tournament to make that day a great success.

Why is Pagie Portal taking this initiative?

It is a lot of work and we work very hard with our team to achieve our goals.

We think sport is very important and that is why we would like to encourage as many people as possible to start exercising in different ways.

In this way, we hope to gain good name recognition.

There are thousands of people following us right now.

Our ambition is to turn it into millions of people.

We reserve the right to terminate the collaboration.