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About The bullseye

Bullseys is created by Pagie portal. It’s a fusion of classic darts. You need to focus and fast to hit the target. It is a very easy and simple phone game. It has beautiful graphics and amazing sound effects which will make yourself more captivating as a player. This game is free so anyone can just download the game and start playing. Drag, Flick and shoot the target. You only have a limited amount of swords so make sure to hit the bullseye because that will refill to target more. You need to earn more coins by hitting targets to power up. 


It’s not like hunting but it’s very close, so you need to hit the target like hunting or snipping. This game will definitely test your focus to shoot.

Bullseye has amazing features

Bullseye has irresistible features that players will become addicted to the game. Point by dragging your finger on your mobile device and release at the right time to shoot the bullseye. Go through 100 levels to prove your skills and become the Ultimate bullseye Shooter. Bullseye is a very simple game, small input size and amazing features! Become a shooter in this free and fun bullseye game to play and improve your shooting skills. Stunning Physics, brilliant graphics and amazing effects. Bullseye has 5 fascinating themes, a forest, a water park, a devastating city, iceland and war. In each section you will have beautiful graphics with Amazon sounds. The spinning board is a real challenge. You need to focus on things while the board rotates and blows.