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Download Bubble With Djealy

And the most important thing to mention:

I am now Djealy’s favorite uncle !

Bubble With Djealy is Now on Steam

10 Aug, 2020
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About The Bubble With Djealy

What do you mean the name Bubble with Djealy?

The game is made for Djealy, as the name suggests.

Djealy is my brother’s oldest daughter.

Because her sweet brother Djani has already got a game named after him (Racing Djani),

it was, of course, inevitable that Djealy would also have a game named after her name.

Everybody can play this game. It’s free for everyone.

Help Djealy or not?

Let’s assist Djealy to get through all the levels.
As far as you can reach all levels, because there will be a weekly update with new levels. Some levels are more enjoyable than others, cause it should not be to simple to complete all the levels. If all the levels are to simple, we do not have to assist Djealy. To assist Djealy we do the following:
First of all we download the game “Bubble with Djealy”.
The game is downloadable for smartphones as well as tablets and supported by IOS/Android. When the game is installed we of course start at level 1, no one knows where we are going to end. The fox will retain a ball, you can swap this ball with the ball that is next to use. The intention is to get rid of 3 or more balls of the same color, but that won’t be that simple. 

When you suddenly see a shiny ball and you think; What is this?

That is the Magic Ball! 
A mini bomb that helps you. When it starts to shine, don’t forget to use it of course. Because the further you come, the more help you can use. If you clear some balls a number of times, you will get free help from the Magic Ball. At the bottom of the screen you will see 4 extra tools. They are not free, you will need coins so you can buy them or watch the reward video every three hours. That is an advertising video. You’ll receive 100 coins for free. 
How the 4 extra tools will help you? 
You’ll have to find out for yourself by playing the game.

Bubble With Djealy